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Women Lead Arkansas

Women Lead Arkansas is a non-partisan non-profit. Our MISSION is to empower women and girls to engage in politics, policy and leadership. We believe that providing tools and resources for women will increase opportunities for economic development; improve education and healthcare for everyone; and give more women a seat at the table, so they can share the responsibility of shaping public policy in Arkansas.

Women are half the population, but make up only 17 percent of the General Assembly. Arkansas is one of 24 states that have never had a female governor. Few women sit on corporate or higher education boards. According to a 2012 Legislative Report, the poverty rate in Arkansas for female-headed families with children was 47 percent. Women continue to make less money than men in Arkansas.

By teaching women to lead, to get involved in their communities by helping shape policy, and by participating in electoral politics, Arkansas can become an example for true representative government that considers policy and legislative impact on everyone.

Women Lead Arkansas’s efforts include a statewide network of people and organizations with the same goals. We are all in this together. There are many opportunities to help. Take a look at the programs, links to other organizations, volunteer opportunities, and events.

Let us know your ideas or request a speaker or program in your area by contacting us today.

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