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State boards and commissions

Currently, about 29 percent of the members of the state’s boards and commissions are women. If women don’t apply, the governor can’t appoint us! Complete the online application at the Governor’s website here.

Get an Excel spreadsheet of the boards and commissions and their objectives here. State Board Names and Objectives 2013

Local boards and commissions

Many cities and towns in Arkansas likely have local commissions you can get involved with. Little Rock, for example, has thirty-one from which to choose. You can see vacancies and apply online here.

Call city hall and ask how you might get involved in your town’s future. Perhaps you and a group of friends can tackle a problem you have identified by figuring out who to work with and how to fix it. It takes a village, ladies!

Non-profit organizations

Non-profits are a wonderful way to get involved in your community by working for an organization serving a population or cause you believe in. You can volunteer to provide services or you can serve on boards. Boards have very important responsibilities and should help organizations be successful.

Explore what boards do here. From the website: “BoardSource has long recognized the critical role that boards play in overseeing their organizations’ mission, finance, and strategic direction.”